selection of past projects


RnD4EE_02Bride To Be

This Bride-To-Be is anxious to make your acquaintance. Join her while she throws her own bridal shower to the tune of Appalachian ballads, awkward laughter and stifling silence. Autobiographical narrative, Americana, and bridal traditions collide in this interactive, solo performance. Won’t you invite yourself in?

Conceived and performed as part of Towson Theatre MFA Program’s Threshold, May 2016. Outside eyes: Joseph Ritsch and Erinn Hartley.

photo credit: Corey Hennessey


A twenty-minute solo, audience interactive work exploring etiquette, manners, and psychosis in the context of a birthday party. Conceived and performed as part of Towson Theatre MFA Program’s Sextant: An Evening of Works In Progress, April 2015. Outside eye: Rohaizad Suaidi.

Ensemble Member of Accordion Time Machine from August 2013-April 2014

Anam Cara Theatre’s experimental theatre ensemble with a mission to create evening-length performances composed of short works based on personal experiences.

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Barbed Wire Suit

An ensemble-created play inspired by the works of Flannery O’Connor and Jean Toomer. Performed as part of Anam Cara Theatre’s 2015 season. Props and objects designed and built by Amanda Shive.

photo credit: Michelle Grasty

Goblin Market

A stage adaptation of Christina Rossetti’s poem devised and directed in the style of the Grand Ole Opry with a Southern gothic twist for Anam Cara Theatre’s 2013 season.  Lyrics by Kim Hartley. Music by Kim Hartley, Zack Harding, Trevor Walker, and Dylan Suter.

Twelve Treatises on Memory: an epistemological slapstick with puppets. by John Crutchfield

A two person play about a one-night reunion between ex-lovers. An evening of unsaid feelings, sock puppets, and a clarinet. 2013.

The Bacchae

An outdoor production of C.K. Williams’ translation of Euripides’ tragedy. A college capstone collaboration between fellow B.A. candidates Asa Jean, Giny Speaks, and James Bethune. Choreography by Julie Becton Gillum.2010.